Well, I have now had 2 classes. Last night I had my internship class and earlier I had my Muslim, Jewish, and Christian art class. Both seem like they'll be pretty enjoyable, especially the art class since we have all 3 religions' architecture at our fingertips here in Toledo. I have an appointment to meet my boss and go to the place I'll be working at on Monday, so that should be exciting.
This morning I went on a long run with a friend I met here that is from Chicago. He took me to the same place that we had gone on the tour to take pictures of the entire city of Toledo. There weren't many hills that way so I managed to sort of run and not die. Very out of shape though, but after being in this city, maybe I won't be! We climbed up some rocks to get an even higher view of the city. The views here are unreal!
We have a dinner tonight to meet our "intercambio", a program we had the option of signing up for which I decided to do. Local people who are trying to learn English sign up and are paired with a student from here so that we can help each other out. It's good to know I won't be the only one struggling.
Thanks to all of you for reading and the comments. Miss you guys back home!

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  1. "intercambio" is a great idea to take advantage of the time you are there to learn as much as possible. What better way and at the same time to build relationships. Congratulations on taking advantage of the opportunities available to you!!!