The last few days

There hasn't really been much going on, but a certain mother of mine is begging me to write since my blogs are so interesting and informational. As I mentioned in my last post, we went to Madrid for the day Friday. I felt sick all day but it turns out all I needed was a nap (in our air conditioned hostel!) . We took a tour of El Palacio Real (Royal Palace) where no one lives anymore, but it was really cool to see. We only saw about 15 rooms and our guide said that there are over 2000 rooms in the entire palace. Every room had a theme like oriental, clock room, etc and each one had  really cool ceiling as well. Definitely an interesting experience to see how people lived. I can't imagine living there, that's for sure!
After we left the palace we all went to lunch and then it was free time until we were supposed to come back to Toledo, which I think about 10 people actually did. Most people stayed in Madrid for the night or went to the train station to travel elsewhere. We stayed in Madrid in a really nice hostel, which was good because I was expecting a scene from a horror movie. Had our last night with the Princeton boys which was really sad, they were fun to go out with because they protected us from the creepy Spanish men (seriously, you look at them and they think you're going home with them). We had a long day of travel the next morning but it was a beautiful day so couldn't really complain.
Yesterday we walked all the way to the pool which is about 30 minutes away, and I have to say the sun is definitely stronger here. I got burnt on the back of my legs which has never happened before.
It is SO HOT here. There's a high of 100 or higher for at least the next 5 days. None of my roommates can sleep, and I'm no exception. This is going to be a long last 4 weeks! We are taking a trip to Andalucia this weekend though and visiting 2 different cities in that region, so hopefully 1. it'll be cooler because it's closer to the coast and 2. the hotel the Fund booked for us is air conditioned. Expect me to come back about 37 pounds lighter from sweating 24/7.
I start working on Wednesday so I'll actually have something to update by then. Hasta luego!

5/6 of my roommates did kareoke to Bootylicious one night. So much fun. We are definitely going back to the kareoke bar!

El Palacio Real. We couldn't take pictures inside but you can imagine how nice it must be..

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  1. Hi Brittany,
    I'm really enjoying reading all about your trip. Looking forward to hearing about your next 4 weeks of travels and classes. I can sympathize with you regarding the hot,hot weather. I hope you'll have ac the next place you go. Stay safe and enjoy. Your Cousin, Jill is in Italy until the 30th and then she flys out of France 0n July 1st. I haven't asked her if it's real hot there. It's too bad she is not in Spain and could look you up.
    How's that comfy bed of yours that looks about as comfortable as my ironing board!!!!!
    I am really enjoying the pictures. Almost feels like I'm there. Stay cool. Miss you, Aunt Dianna & Uncle Al